About us, about you

Does finding real and impactful ways to help the environment seem like a dream? With all the greenwashing in the world today, and uncertainty about the Fate for efficiency of recycling used materials, how do we even know if we have or have not gone green? Well, together it's time we make the green come true!

We've decided to take care of our family and nature by using natural, organic and biodegradable products and supplies in our home as much as possible. We decided to go further by reducing or eliminating our use of plastic-based wraps, containers and even clothing that contaminate our water, soil and food. Then we took steps to shop exclusively with local food producers. Finally, after switching to eco-friendly cleaning products in our home we saw the need to shop bulk in these items too!

Soon after, we wished to expand this love for Earth by creating "Green Come True", a refill store which supplies cleaning products, which are local, biodegradable and healthy. 

We are a small family from Kansas and Colombia (South America). Every day more and more friends and Kansans are joining us to fulfill this dream. 

Let's take advantage of our greatest possibility of being human; By living consciously we can treat our Mother (Earth) with the love and respect she deserves! Green Come True is here to help! Let's make it happen!